Precrastination is the tendency to hurry to get things done as soon as possible, even at the expense of extra effort.
We all have a friend or a colleague or might one the reader who a professional precrastinator , or a hyper diligent person who will complete the task as assigned within hours or days irrespective of the submission or closing date because they always focus on getting things done without much thought on it or necessary planning. 

For them, the TASK COMPLETED TICK is important than any other aspect of the task.
Don’t get us wrong precrastination is not bad, it's just sometimes it can be an overwhelming experience when you try to bite off more than you can chew.

On the other hand, if you can manage your time and balance your life .. then precrastination can bring you to the stars.

So here are some advantages and disadvantages of precrastination


Mental satisfaction that you have completed the task – Release of Dopamine.- a chronic precrastinator will have a sense of achievement once the task is completed so that they can move to the next one. Of course, the quality of the task is a different thing but at that very moment of completing the task, they feel relaxed  & Accomplished.

Time Management – A Professional precrastinator will always have some free time in hand whether they realize it or not, as they always beat the deadlines. So it's up to them to build hobbies or start the next task, but they have more spare time in their hands in general.

Always active and ready to roll – Precrastinator are very active people they are always in search of their next task and looking for something to get done, so they live a quiet happening life, a Busy Bee , if you are looking for such a life then precrastination is something you should try.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of being precrastinator.


Increased stress & Schedule is obstructed - it's no doubt that precrastination suffers from high-stress level as they have to complete the task in hand asap, so for them, the clock is always ticking and they are always running against the time, not the deadline. Because for them deadline doesn't mean it's all about the task getting completed.

Quality of task is not good: Since the precrastinator is task-oriented they tend to care less about the quality of the end product, they are more focused on results, it has been often observed that they don’t spend time enhancing the quality of the task in hand, which some times should come naturally after you give it a thought or procrastinate. some times thinking may lead to smarter solutions and quality responses.

Productivity & creativity is hampered: Gather info first, act second. It’s better to spread the work out than try to power through everything in too short a time, our brains are not designed to switch from one task to another to another and switch back to the original task in hand without losing focus. Since precrastinator will try to complete several tasks at once it will results in focus loss and absentmindedness while you also lose your creativity as you are unable to focus on the task at hand due to constant distraction on other tasks and changing priorities constantly 


Procrastination is the deliberate delay in starting or completing a task, despite being aware of the negative outcomes it may incur. Usually, when you procrastinate, you find yourself doing insignificant activities instead of the task that you are supposed to.


Procrastination has its advantages as mentioned in several articles written in lengths in several books by famous authors.
You will be surprised to find out there are several successful millionaires advocating procrastination.
Procrastinaton has several advantages that we are discussing below

Better decisions are the result of procrastination. (Abraham Lincoln is often quoted for having said, “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six sharpening my axe.” )
Procrastinators may put off making judgments until the last minute, but researchers have found that what they’re doing during that time is gathering and processing information and evaluating possible outcomes of their choice.

Increased echelons of creativity. Procrastinators tend to be creative thinkers. Putting off a task you dread may lead to the invention of a better way or a smarter way to accomplish something.
Increased insight. Procrastination can shed light on the task an individual does and does not find important.


On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of procrastination
Procrastination becomes a challenge when it’s not being used productively or when it becomes a mindless form of escape. Understanding why we procrastinate can make the difference between having it happen occasionally or letting it take over our lives.
Another downside of procrastination is that the work that is needed to be achieved often suffers as a result of waiting until the last second to get it accomplished. Most people need time to complete tasks to their fullest and best effort. By delaying until right before the task needs to be accomplished, the amount of time to accomplish the task gets shrunk dramatically. Furthermore, the stress of waiting until the last minute can impact performance as well.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and it would have helped you in understanding 

Difference between Precrastination VS Procrastination

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