Conquering Self-Doubts


The word has been out there for a long time, Self-doubts are silent killers, This article is quite generic and applicable to people from all walks of life, we all have experienced a situation where we have majored in minor things and engulfed us in  self-doubt, even for the trivial issues of life and thus some times no making the right choice or decision at right time has its consequences, some short-lived and some life long.

William Shakespeare has quoted: “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

Self-doubts should be conquered to be successful in life, we have to forget the fear of losing and embrace the results of attempting.

So here we will discuss 3 simple steps on how to conquer self-doubts.




In this era of social media and technology, people are sharing their success stories everywhere from buying a coffee to buying a house everyone is sharing, their so-called Good vibes or success journey, which often lead to comparison, since the human mind is wired complicatedly we can ask you to stop comparison as it will be difficult but we would rather request you to avoid comparison with anyone because every individual is running his marathon at his own pace, the point is attempt to win it and if you cannot win it, complete it.

All five fingers are not of the same size, each one has a different purpose and objective, you cannot be the best at everything, so stop comparing, the important thing that matters the most is your attempt and you should be sincere in your attempt.

The moment you avoid comparing yourself with others and start running your journey at your pace, you will eventually reach your destination without fail.



You might have heard this thousand times to keep your sword always sharpen,

Nelson Mandela Famously said, I never lose, I either win or I learn, so learning is a continuous process, you need to keep updating yourself in every field.

With every setback in your life take it as a learning experience, equip yourself with more education or skills and try to find new ways to succeed in your field always try to find optimism in your setback, take them as learning opportunity, see the areas of improvements and what more you need to learn to succeed.

With more learning and educating yourself, you will be more confident as you will get more knowledge about and thus you will be able to perform better in your field with newly acquired knowledge, thus your self-doubt will diminish.

Be a life long learner, keep learning and upgrading yourself,



Just imagine if you keep emitting negativity or have negative thoughts in your life how much your mind will be cluttered with fear, doubts, and Self-deprecating thoughts.

You never go after that job you always wanted because your negative thoughts made your doubt & abilities.

You never risk quitting your job, to find a better job Because your mental barrier insists that you are less fit, unimportant, and too dumb for that dream job.

You will never lose that kilo that risks your health because you believe you are not capable of pushing your limits.

What we have shared is just tip of the icebergs but we think you are smart enough to understand the damaging effects of Negativity.

You should Embrace Positivity in your life, you will experience when you surround yourself with positivity you can change your whole attitude and quickly wipe out any annoying insecurities and self-doubts,  you may ask how can you learn to think positive and the answer is an optimistic mindset, always try to find good in every problem or difficulty.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and it would have helped you in understanding 

how  to conquer self-doubts 

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