How to Negotiate & Create Win - Win Situation

Negotiation is a skill that is quite common practice and we use it in our day-to-day life, It involves reaching a mutually beneficial agreement between two or more parties. A win-win situation is one where all parties involved come away feeling satisfied with the outcome. whether it getting deals on commodities, houses, or salary negotiations with your organization.

Several authors have written some insightful books on developing negotiation skills and how to win in every situation,  some of the books are being taught to hostage situation negotiators about how to handle the stress and focus on the outcome in life and death scenarios.

Practicing Lawyers have a whole different level of hard bargaining tactics being taught to them from time to time, from foot in a door Technique to leverage the opponent and finally how to create a win-win situation.

Well most of us use negotiation skills for trivial issues compared to the above-mentioned, but the idea of this article is to create a win-win situation so that you don’t burn any bridges and still come out strong in any agreement or argument.




The first action for you is to prepare for a negotiation, it can be dependent on the time you have in your hand sometimes it is fractions of seconds or sometimes you will have days to prepare but you should have a mindset in which you should be ready to negotiate in a matter of time.

Emotions play a very important role in your negotiation conversation, your talking tone and gesture can sometimes change the direction of the negotiation, so you should always manage your emotions while Negotiation. Always consider leading the discussion, you should always let the other party speak up first before you jump the guns, normally it gives you leverage over them as you can better prepare your response, and while they are speaking always listen, and when you are listening stay away from distractions and focus on their point, and when your time comes to speak you should always use a response method which you will highlight go point by point as per their response as it will give you ample leverage on the competition.

 As you will understand the other party's needs and interests. Before you enter into a negotiation, you will understand what the other party wants and what is important to them. This will help you come up with solutions that meet both of your needs.

And while you are speaking always have a clear idea of what you want and what you are willing to compromise on. This will help you stay focused and not get sidetracked during the negotiation.



During the discussion, your focus is quite important. You should be nimble and flexible during discussions, staying rigid and stubborn will not help you in the longer term, as the discussion develops there will be several points that might be good for exploring & you should explore them, and try to look at the bigger picture there might be some benefits if you focus on every aspect of the offering if it requires you to take 2 steps back and before spiriting towards the finishing line then explore it.

Remember it's like playing chess, there will be several moving pieces during the game (negotiation) and you should be focusing on every aspect at is going around,  you can’t just focus on one thing, and if unfortunately, you lose it then all is lost.

 Focus on the long-term. Explore solutions that will be favorable for both parties in the long term. This will help to safeguard that the relationship between the is maintained and reinforced. Be creative. Sometimes the most apparent solutions are not the best ones. Be open to new and innovative ideas. Try to find areas of agreement and develop on them. This will help to create a sense of collaboration and trust between the parties.



Although this is the last point is the make-and-break skill that is required in any negotiation Effective communication is directly proportional to effective negotiation, Communicate effectively. Be clear and direct in your communication. Listen actively and be open to feedback. Avoid getting bogged down in emotions or personal attacks. Be respectful and professional. Treat the other party with respect and maintain a professional attitude throughout the negotiation.    Your choice of words should be carefully picked and you should sensibly convert your thoughts into a speech by carefully selecting relevant words.

The way you represent your thoughts matters a lot. Don’t speak just for the sake of it or in simpler terms Listen to understand the other party don’t listen to reply, because if you reply without listening you will end up using Haphazard thoughts & words and hypothetical ideas only lead to more confusion. One must speak clearly about what he expects from the other party. Don’t mince your words and try to confuse others. Your thoughts and ideas must be expressed clearly for others to understand well. Be crisp and precise in your speech.

By following these tips, you can negotiate effectively and create a win-win situation. Remember that the key is to understand the other party's needs, be prepared, communicate effectively, be willing to compromise, focus on the long-term, be creative, look for common ground, and be respectful and professional. By doing so, you can reach agreements that are mutually beneficial and that strengthen relationships.


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