Multitasking – we all are guilty of this from time to time, and this is what the 21st century has made us to despite our efforts to reduce or stop we are constantly multitasking.

Multitasking is both doing multiple things at once (like answering a phone and composing an email at the same time). Multitasking is a new normal & every office worker is performing multitasking subconsciously.

It is part of the lifestyle, and trying to do one thing at a time is not “EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT “ any more  While most of us indulge in several activities at the same time thinking that we are saving time, the fact is that multitasking makes us slow and less efficient.

We're all splitting our finite time between higher priority tasks and consistent interruptions from lower-priority, less time-consuming to-dos like text, instant message, and face-to-face interruptions. And if you allow all of these interruptions to pull your attention to different tasks throughout the day, you're essentially spending the entire day multitasking.

So here we are discussing why you shouldn't multitask.


According to neuroscientist and New York bestselling author, Daniel Levitin, “Multitasking creates a dopamine-addiction feedback loop, effectively rewarding the brain for losing focus and for constantly searching for external stimulation.”

During Multitasking, like answering the phone and writing email, the human mind subconsciously wanders to texting or checking on social media websites at that pace we train our brains to lose focus and get distracted, Unfortunately just like the effects of a drug, our brains can get addicted to the dopamine rush from switching tasks and losing focus. Once this happens, it becomes very difficult to break the cycle.

And often you might have experienced that you are loss of words during a phone conversation and typing an email at the same time, and you forget the true intent of both the communication or even during some important interview or meeting such distractions are constantly impacting your performance. Human brains are complex and complicated, switching task in a short amount to time does makes your brain slow and less efficient. Several theories are published that changing focus from one task in hand and coming back to it after doing several other tasks does create mental blocks and reduce productivity.



Everyone is not a trained juggler, and if you are a trained juggler you juggle a single task with Focus

 Corporate executive of the 21st Century develops a habit of multitasking because they are not able to set their priorities correctly. Juggling too many tasks at one time can be quite stressful. As you are constantly chasing to be perfect at everything while you have already lost your focus on everything

Various studies have shown that multitasking increases our brain’s production of cortisol, a hormone that creates stress.

An Interrupted work may be done faster, but at a price, during multitasking, several tasks are getting completed however since there is no focus on one task and thus switching between the task significantly result in higher stress, frustration, workload, effort, and pressure.

Multitasking does not allow you to focus on any task properly and correctly. While you think that you are doing too many things together, the fact is that in reality, you are just trying to shift your focus from one task to the other in a short period. This slows down the mind and it starts skipping things which means that there is a high probability of skipping important things and making errors. These errors create stress and anxiety.


So far we have established that  Multitasking does divert your attention, which will result in a loss in productivity, our brains are not designed to switch from one task to another to another and switch back to the original task in hand without losing focus.

Multitasking is prone to error and makes you slow, you need to understand that you are not busy you are just slow as you have spent most of the time in switching task and focus without getting anything done.  Multitasking also results in Memory loss and absentmindedness while you also lose your creativity as you are unable to focus on the task in hand due to constant distraction on other tasks.

No Matter how much we try Multitasking does not increase productivity, it just makes our brain to work at overdrive pace while it is trying to process large chunks of information in a short amount of time resulting in hampering your productivity



Organize a to-do list it as per the urgency

Clean Desk / Work place - Marie Kondo style

Make a note of any other tasks you think of for later. 

For larger projects, use a timer to focus on the task at hand for a set amount of time. Take a break and knock out some of the smaller items on your to-do list and then set the timer and focus again.

Work in a distraction-free environment — keep phones and media devices out of sight.

Cultivate discipline to focus and complete one task in hand first before moving to another.

In short, multitasking is not a solution to any problem. The idea is to plan your life and stay away from disruptions while working. It is crucial to focus on one thing at a time and for that, it is necessary to organize your priorities right. Multitasking feels great, but it isn’t worth your time, energy, and certainly, not your brain.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and it would have helped you in understanding the Negative Impacts of multitasking. 

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