In the corporate ocean, it is very unlikely that everyone gets well along without clashes, Each individual has his personality type and characteristic and due to which we are bound to make some friends and few foes in the office environment.

To simply put out there work enemy is someone you don’t get well along at any given point of time or any given reason.

Dealing with Work Enemy (Nemesis, adversary) is never easy as each individual has an agenda and they are trying to impose or get ahead of you all the time.

Several studies have indicated that 6 out of 10 working people have at least one work enemy, and in the worst-case scenario, people intend to change jobs just because they don’t want to deal with work enemies every day of their life.

Having said that we are trying to give you some points on how to deal with the Work enemy.



Therefore whenever there is little friction the match flares up immediately, the effect of this flaring up can be devastating; fire can engulf a whole lot of itself and cause destruction.

We have a lesson to learn from this tiny matchstick. All of us have heads and unlike the matchstick, we have brains as well, Wisdom lies in not reacting on impulse – a habit of great importance

STOP REACTING, the moment you start reacting to their actions and comments, you are handling over your life remote control in their hand and they know which button to push and you will play along as they want you to, however, if you stop reacting and be less confrontational they would just let go as you are holding on to your remote control remember!

You can always present yourself as a bigger person by just ignoring your nemesis’ action or comments and prove them that such minuscule things do not affect your daily performance

Your objective is to reduce their disruptive behavior, particularly around you, or impact you. To do this, you must, therefore, control your reactions, because irrational, absurd and confrontational behavior is what this work enemy wants,  No matter what they do, maintain a calm, rational, adult demeanor. During every interaction with them, focus on your immediate objective, and don’t be distracted by their irrelevant or annoying tactics.





Now that you have identified your work enemy, for you, the first step is to be a bigger person,

Go ahead, call a meeting with that individual (if possible include HR ) and make amends, draw a negotiating line, make sure the other party understand your requirement  & comply to it and make sure you are bargaining a common ground for both of you to work in harmony

There are 2 immediate advantages

Number # 1

It is better to put off the fire at the first smoke before it goes out of control, which is good for you as you can perform and have a work-life balance

Number # 2

In the management perspective, you will be projected as an individual who has a vision of promoting harmony and look at the bigger picture

You should always remember, your goal is to keep your nemesis away from interfering in your success, not to penalize them.




The ultimate solution to this problem is to have a lot of allies in the workplace,

You need to win people around you with lots of positive energy and relationships and have as much as allies or good colleagues /friends at your workplace that your adversaries will not have many opportunities to hurt you in any way. The more popular and well connected you are it will be difficult for your adversaries to damage your reputation.

Of course, this might take a long time but results will be evident. Because when you know as a trustworthy helpful colleague it will be quite difficult for your work enemy to create a difficult situation for you as they might be aware of your allies will come in support for the help you.

Having said that you will find Work place enemy at all organization and working level, you need to find a way to tackle them and win over

Do not waste your time on fighting back or seeking revenge.  Show everyone how much of a model employee you are. Make as many friends & allies as possible. Build a strong reputation. Refuse to engage, protect your reputation

An enthusiastic employee will not find time to dig a pit for others as he/she needs to follow his/her success.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and it would have helped you in understanding How to deal with Work enemy. 

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