In this article, we are going to discuss a common challenge that is faced by everyday Corporate warrior but requires a unique skill set to overcome this issue which is

“ how to manage conflict with your manager, boss, or team leader? “

Since every day you spend a substantial amount of your life at the office or at your workplace and in your office your colleagues who hail from different culture, different mindsets, and backgrounds including your boss.

So it is quite natural that there are and will be occasions when a conflict does arise between you and your immediate manager.

Managing conflict is a kind of handling small turbulence in your professional life. Because such conflicts do elevate your stress levels, divert your focus, and make you less productive.

We are going to address this issue in 2 way approach, The reasons for Conflicts and how to address & resolve them.




You and your boss are mismatched in ethics, principles, and reliability :

The first and foremost is you and your boss are never on the same page with regards to your morals, your beliefs, and consistency it is again a 2 sided conversation but it is one of the fundamental reasons for conflict.

There is No Clarity in roles :

Often employees have dual reporting or reporting lines with vague authority from Management, which does not provide clear lines of ownership and task allocation so employees are torn / unaware whether a certain task is their responsibility or their boss’s.

Both you & your Boss have Lack of Confidence in each other’s ability :

Again it is quite a common scenario that you have completely lost confidence in your boss’s competence to perform tasks and doubt his/her management capability and in the same way, your manager has doubts about your ability to deliver said work and it could be because of several reasons.

 You and the boss have separate agendas to achieve : 

This is due to organization structure & culture, for example, you & your immediate boss might be measured on different parameters and performance gauge, and thus the things which look important and crucial to your boss may be irrelevant to you. And thus boss might pull up his / her ranks to make you do things that are essential to him but not to you.




Agreements have better results than argument

Communication is Key here, and both the parties should be equally matured enough to walk to halfway mark and negotiate a baseline understanding which should be adhered by both sides involved. Once you have an agreement between you and your manager then its quite easy to build from there, Both you and your manager should have an open and frank conversation about the underlying issue that ignites conflict between both of you. And these conversations should be kept ongoing, not like done once and then carry on with your lives you both should attempt to speak & communicate every day or once in 10 days so that expectation on both sides is kept in check, If required involve your company HR so that you both can have a third person view about the issue in hand. You both need to speak and clarify each other your expectations and be ready to hear some constructive feedback and initial conversation might be difficult for both of you, but eventually, when both of you will start getting feedback, both of your performance expectations will be more clearer and focused.

Flexibility and Methodology Needs to be negotiated

You and your manager have a different opinion on how flexible they are and they expect the other person to be and these specific criteria need to be discussed and negotiated.  Initially, you both might be not happy with it, As humans do not process changes quickly but both of you should accept the fact that since you are from diverse backgrounds and have dissimilar personalities, you have to make some adjustments to work smoothly and be productive at your workplace. You both must develop a tolerance to accommodate each other's traits but it will be good for long term association.

 Open-Mindedness and Flowing of idea

"The human mind is like a parachute it only works when it is open"

Both of you should try to understand each other evaluation, opinion on both sides matters, both of you are accountable, you must communicate and understand each others perspective, and of course, there will be disagreements during such discussion but you should have an open mind to let these disagreements not to impact your everyday work life. you might have an idea about a certain management method that you believe in and anything outside that approach and you lose confidence in the individual, You need have an open mind to accept and understand different working style and examine yourself for a trigger for the conflict so that you can effectively manage it



Resolving Conflict at the workplace is equally important as resolving arguments in your household because if you do not then it will impact you mentally.

There are certain ways you can avoid it which we are mentioning below

Always Deliver on your commitments:

This is applicable for you and your boss that you walk the talk, always deliver on your commitments, and show more action and less talk so that you build confidence in each other.

Political Manipulation:

Every office has some sort of politics, Best practice it is to avoid it,  

Don't go over your Manager’s boss when conflict occurs. Include your boss when you go up the organizational ladder to address a problem. Don't start looking at your next position. Perform & concentrate on the assignments your manager has tasked you.

Disagree On Everything:

We understand you might disagree with your boss on everything from new assignments to the ongoing project but like we already mentioned that you need to keep your mind open so let the new ideas can flow, you might disagree about a certain endeavor but  hear it out and give a thought about it.and then express your evaluation with logic rather just going about disagreeing to the entire idea

Don’t make the Best enemy out of Better

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and it would have helped to Resolve Conflict with your boss..

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