How to Leave an Everlasting Impression during an Interview

The Job market is getting more and more competitive, with every candidate getting evaluated from the moment they apply for the position & step in for interviews. With times like these when the world is hit by a pandemic and recession has been declared worldwide, every organization's intentions are to hire the best of the best. With that in mind, we believe the candidates should be well prepared and there should be no room for error during such an important interaction of their career.

Currently, There thousands of articles and ideas available which you can search online on do’s & don’ts, but no one has time to read them all What we are trying to give you is the essence of all those articles in just 3 simple points, With this short article which will help you to leave an everlasting impression in your interviews.



Always arrive early but not like an hour Early!

Time management skill is something you will always be measured upon. On your interview day, it is always a best practice to be present well in advance of your scheduled interview time, wait at a nearby café or in your car, and time accordingly that you are at the reception/waiting room of the venue exactly 15 mins before. This is to ensure you complete your guest/security formality of entering the premises & to be at ease. By doing this, it lifts pressure off from both you and your interviewer

Arriving more than 15 minutes early for an interview is a sign that you have too much time for spare. At the same time showing up late leaves the impression that not only do you lack the discipline and professionalism to show up when you say you will, but it also makes your interviewer think that you don’t respect their time.




Finally, walk into the office’s waiting room, remember to be polite and nice to the receptionist, security guards, or staff members you might come across.

Smile, make eye contact, and have a firm handshake. Being likable and sociable at all times will greatly improve your chances of doing well in the interview, Ideally, You have 10 seconds to make a first impression in most situations. In a job interview, you’re given a bit more time to shine which is approximately 30 seconds. don’t miss this opportunity to concrete your image that you intend to leave in the minds of every member of the interviewer team...

 Be Enthusiastic. Always enter the interview room with enthusiasm and positive energy, which will help you to hide your nervousness. maintain an open posture, as you shake hands with each individual in the room Introduce yourself using your first and last name as you shake hands, show off your intelligence but be respectful and listen first before you speak.

When you leave after the interview greet the receptionist, security guards, or staff members you might come across. Politeness is instantly appreciated.

You may not be able to control every characteristic of being likable, but politeness is entirely within your control.



Finally, the moment that you have been waiting for has come, Bring your A-game (A for Awesome), you should be in calm and in control during the interview, you should have done enough research about the company and the people who are interviewing you, so that you can outsmart them, of course, your knowledge in the subject is required but apart from there, you should be equipped with knowledge about the company you are applying for, potential questions that interviewer might ask on your skill and expertise, the question you are intending to ask them to understand then job role and suggestion how can you bring more value to the table and help them to deliver with your skills.

Be natural, Humble and win them using your politeness, you should never give an answer which they think you robotic, it should be as part of your brand and conversation.

Never emit negativity during the interview, not even if you are not happy with your current/previous employer, or even if you had a bad day. Be confident and clear on your thoughts, never speak too soon about Money or focus interview conversation towards your monetary expectations. Your job is to make them like you for your skills, expertise and Politeness, once you won them with your credentials, then they may offer you more than you ask.





“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.”
― Thomas A. Edison


We cannot emphasize enough to use common sense during or before your interview, but still, we have to share the points without explaining as we think you all are smart enough to understand the points


Dress Formally

Always bring extra copies of Resume

Silent your mobile & SmartWatch

Bad Mouth your current employer or Ex employer

Don't Lie at All

Lack of Enthusiasm

Never be late

Don’t overdo the jokes or Talk too Much

Have a negative or defensive attitude

Forget to Ask Questions

Stay Confident All the way 


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and it would have helped you in understanding 

How to leave an everlasting impression during an interview.

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