Common Myth About Resume

Common Myth About Resume

Writing a resume can be difficult knowing that there is no standard book or guideline about how to write a perfect resume, Incorrect Misconceptions, are passed along the way about how to write a legit resume.

Since each resume is as unique as the individual it is about, be it about his personality type, his career choices and his profession, moreover what the individual is targeting for future roles.

In this article, we will clear a few known mythconceptions about Resume.





Resume should be Like KISS (Keep It Short & Simple), In Ideal world resume should be no more than 3 pages, anything beyond 3 pages is just garbage and will be thrown in dustbin, we would like you to look from the point of recruiter, Recruiter's job is to look  at 250 to 300 resume application for a one job and they are pretty expert in the job, they mentally analyze the individual while looking at the resume in hand, & of course are definitely not interested in going beyond 3 pages, because physiological speaking that is where the recruiter will lose interest in you. As we say #ResumeReachFirst, you need to be clear what you need to include in your resume, Avoid Unnecessary details, focus on your skills as well as achievement and add relevant information as per job description.





At the Beginning of Time, It was Imperative that we include objective statements or professional summary, but we are now in the 21st Century and living in 2020, Things have changed drastically & evolved the recruiters & your future employers are interested in their objective, not your objective. As we have already mentioned the resume should not be beyond 3 pages, avoid including Professional Summary and Objective statement.





We get it that you have 20 years of experience with various industries and companies which are quite reputable, but you should always make a point of making your resume relevant to job that you are applying, Keep your resume interesting by just adding the details that are displaying your accomplishment in that role,  it may not be more than one line or 2 points which is okay at least if they ask you on later stage in your personal interview or telephonic round, you are able to share in details about your achievements.




Its important to display your expertise & accomplishment in a good English but that doesn’t mean you replace simple actions verbs with complex statement from thesaurus, we have already mentioned in the first point to keep it short & simple, don’t worry about to write every bullet point with a new action verb, its ok to reuse them. Just make sure you’re showcasing your skillset and qualifications to make the biggest impact.



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Wear your creative hat and think from the recruiter’s mind, who has to go through 250 to 300 resume applications before selecting 10 or 12 candidates for Face to face or telephonic interviews, will they have tolerance and patience to read all the incoming resume, we live in the 21st century where time is money, it’s a quite known fact your resume doesn't get read more than 30 -45 seconds, Recruiters tend to focus on your overall work experience and are looking for related skills from each position you've held,  It is very important to proofread your resume before applying, but spelling and grammatical mistakes do not necessarily mean your resume ends up in the trash, Recruiters are more focused on work experience to determine fit. A good habit is to re-read your resume whenever applying. A fresh set of eyes can catch mistakes previously overlooked.






Since you are already wearing your creative hat, the Era of Dot Matrix printer has long gone! It is the new world order dictates that color can be used in the resume, fonts can be different from standard  Times New Roman and graphs can be added, In Fact a picture speaks a thousand word and we second it, Include color, different fonts and graphs in your resume, but do it wisely, don’t make your resume  look like a  powerpoint presentation or use colors so much that it looks like a rainbow, & same goes for Fonts, its okay to change the fonts but keep them consistent so that it looks more professional.






It’s a quite MythConception that one resume fits all jobs that you are applying and one resume will fit in for everything you intend to achieve, of course, we have established the fact that recruiters/employers have very  little time to read through the piles of resumes they get on daily basis, before applying to take the time to focus  on your resume with exact position you are seeking. If you build a comprehensive strategy into the content, layout, and design, you can build a targeted resume that can be used when posting for multiple (similar) positions. but the same resume's cannot be used to apply for different job scope or role, Example

You would need 2 different resumes for the operations manager role and Project manager role, but you can modify and use your standard project manager resume for program & portfolio manager roles.





Cover letters are required for the working professional, and that is the way forward, it is kind of a new norm in few countries like Australia, New Zealand Singapore that all resume should have a cover letter. Having a good cover letter is important because they tell employers the type of position you're seeking — and exactly how you're qualified for it. A cover letter is a letter of introduction that highlights your key accomplishments and skills for a job opening. They also allow recruiters to differentiate between two candidates with similar qualifications. Writing a terrific cover letter can set you apart so you should include one with your resume

Reference letter are subjective and are required on case to case basis, normally you have a statement at the end of your resume about  “ References will be provided on request” you can omit this line if you want as it will not make your resume stand out, considering the companies hire a 3 party to a reference checks as part of hiring process. The reference letter is not much of importance in today world, recruiters now go online to check your LinkedIn profile, testimonials & Endorsement

 We hope we have provided you enough clarity on the Mythconception about the resume.

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