Are you part of a Team or a Group ?

Are you part of a team or a group?

This question has been rattling around  & has been discussed on several forums, generally when you join an organization you are assigned a team, either to lead or to be part of it.

Being part of a team doesn't mean that it is a team it could be a group and there is a significant difference between both the group and the team, which is often differentiated by the end goal with that keeping in mind we are going to discuss in this article



So what is a Group & a Team

By definition

Group: several people or things that are located, gathered, or classed together.

Being in groups is part of everyday life and many of us will belong to a wide range of groups, for example, family groups, social groups, sports groups, committees, etc.

Team: different individuals come together to achieve a common goal.




The word-group can be used to describe – a group of students in a given classroom has a common characteristic but they are not necessarily working towards a common cause, whereas a team of a student may be working together on a specific project or performing towards a common goal.

Advantages of Group

Contrary to popular opinion, there are certain times when groups are better than teams. Groups are better in temporary working relationships when members have no time to form a proper team but must get things done swiftly and efficiently. Also, individuals of different backgrounds hastily brought together can sometimes produce some rather unconventional and applicable ideas.

The group focuses on achieving the individual goals

The group produces individual work products.

The process of a group is to discuss the problem, then decide and finally delegate the tasks to individual members. 

The group members are independent.


Advantages of Team

Apart from communicating information, the team members also share the accountability of the team task. The team is always responsible for the outcome (i.e. Result of the collective efforts of the team members).

The team members have a common understanding with other members. They work jointly to capitalize on the strengths and minimize the weakness by complementing each other. The most important feature of a team is “collaboration” i.e. the team can achieve much more as the members can achieve individually. The three key features of team functioning are:

A team can have more than one head.

Team members share responsibility.

The team members focus on achieving team goals.

The team that produces collective work products.

A team discusses the problem, then decide the way of solving it, and finally, do it collectively.

The team members are interdependent.


Disadvantages of Group

The biggest disadvantage of groups (in comparison to teams) is individual accountability, which makes the organization’s goalless important than personal ones.

The bigger the group unreliability is often observed as individual have personal agendas

Within the group Trust is always lacking, lack of trust, individuals might not feel as comfortable sharing their ideas



While all teams are groups of individuals, not all groups are teams. Team members work together toward a common goal and share responsibility for the team’s success. A group is comprised of two or more individuals that share common interests or characteristics, and its members identify with each other due to similar traits. Groups can range greatly in size and scope. For example, members of the millennial generation are a group, but so is a small book club formed by neighbors who enjoy reading.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish a team and a group. For instance, a set of coworkers might meet on occasion to discuss an issue or provide input on a decision. While such meetings typically have an agenda and thus a purpose and some structure, we would not necessarily think of those in attendance as a team. The activity scope and duration is just too small to involve the amount of coordination of resources and effort that teamwork requires.


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Difference Between Group and a Team 

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