Are you an Achiever?

We will start by saying that the word is always out in the market that you are the busiest person alive, your calendar is always full with the meetings, your phone desk, mobile phone is always busy and you have multiple chat windows open in your office chat applet,  you rarely get time to eat properly and you have to squeeze a short 15 mins snack break to move away from your workstation.

And despite putting the work before family & friends, spending late nights on the conference calls, and getting things done you are still not considered as an achiever or performer in your organization.

It is not that you are not capable of achieving anything or there is a basic difference between an achiever and a doer, DOER is someone who will fulfill the job’s responsibility & duties like a standard quartz wrist watch completes the task as it required to do without much thinking or being innovative about continuous improvement cycle.

While an achiever is some who is a “DOER” but has more intelligence and a way to continuously learn and innovate the process in which smart work can do rather than hard work as a smart watch!    

So here we are discussing what is the difference between achiever and doers



And while you are searching for a  job, The potential recruiters are always in search of achievers rather than a doer as you may have noticed that recruiters might come back with the feedback of your resume to make it as achiever’s resume rather and a doer resume!

A typical way to analyze your career history is via resume, you need to highlight what value did you bring on the table when you were performing a certain job, and how significant it was to your organization.

Doers have short term view about any task in hand, and they perform without much thinking and always fill up their plate with the additional standard task, and Believe strongly in follow-through for the sake of completion.

Carrying the badge of “Busy Bee” around does not make you achiever, it does not matter how much time outside a bee spends searching for nectar, the only thing that matters is that how much nectar they can carry back to the colony to make sufficient food for winter.



Achiever is often known to be passionate about what they do and how they do it, while keep on innovating even the standard daily task to make it interesting, the true achiever does not get stuck in the box, they create their own success stories through the smart work. They always spend extra time in learning a new skill or keep updating the skills they possess, A skillful individual will pause to understand what can be done to improve the current task with minimum effort, while a doer will pause to move to the next task

Being Consistent is that one quality which will ensure that you will reach your goals

High achievers are tenacious, sticking to their plans and goals as long as they need to get where they want to be. If they didn’t stick with it, they wouldn’t achieve anything. They always keep themselves on toes and relentlessly  chase their goal

Achievers are also well-connected individual, they are resourceful, The resourceful individual never fails, because if they land in unchartered territory, they will use all of their available resources to conquer successfully.


It is a known fact that Achiever are born leaders, Leaders with a clear vision, while most of the doer envision completing the task in hand without giving a thought on improvement.

Achiever always master the art of focus and combine it with Agility to reach their desired goal

Employers want to hire candidates who have a vision for the overall success of the company otherwise,  Recruiters are always in search of someone who is results-oriented. Maybe you do some routine tasks as an administrative assistant, but the tasks you’ve been assigned exist because they are contributing to the success of the company.

The point is how well are you doing the same task, Being able to answer this question will differentiate you from a doer,

Essentially all positions in every organization are Achiever's position! It is a matter of individuals choices.

While performing any job your concern shouldn't be to survive from job to job or task to task

Your concern as a visionary leader should be to ask yourself what tasks can nurture, improve, and grow you and others, and focus only on those.

 It is the significance of the job, not the number of jobs, that ultimately wins admiration and protects you from burnout, so stay focused and don't anything distract you from your intended or desired purpose.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and it would have helped you in understanding 

that a lot on your plate does not make you a performer! 

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