Improve  Impulsivity Control at Work Place

We all have been there, happily getting ready to go to office or workplace and we are in our best spirits, great mood and full of positivity, then we reach our office and we are pumped up to conquer the world, full of enthusiasm and then suddenly something awful happens, be it an email or an angry customer or certain argument with our colleagues and then it all goes down to the drain from there.

One incident ruins our entire day or sometimes weeks, we respond to it with impulse and later regret it or think we could have said or behaved differently than we had on that incident so that consequences or results would have been different as they are now.

It’s human nature to at times say or do rather you wish you hadn’t. But some people are impulsive often, maybe numerous times a day. Acting that way can lead to troubles and regret.

When Impulsivity Goes far beyond control   it might be an issue: people suffering from Impulsive behavior are displaying signs of   Aggressive behavior, Agitation, Annoying others  & Being easily distracted

What we are trying to discuss is how to avoid / control Impulse behavior in the office or workplace environment


The change in the world starts with you

First and foremost is self-awareness about yourself which is followed by discipline yourself to observe self-control when you know you have impulsive behavior Often when we receive an email or are in the middle of a tense meeting, we want to respond right away and set the record straight. However, controlling impulses and staying aware of how your response to things makes others feel can avoid conflict in the workplace and keep the peace, and it's not hard to know about yourself and how you react to certain situations and triggers, which brings us to the most important word in self-control world is TRIGGERS!

What triggers your impulsive behavior?

Since you are on your way to improve your impulsivity you should start with Triggers, which touch nerves that trigger you to behave in such a radical manner. Is it a person, a gesture, a word, or an email from someone or a team, or it's just a certain response, Feedback, or action that you receive from someone? Once you pinpoint your trigger point you can start working on your trigger response plans which is basically how to react or control your impulsivity the moment triggers kicks-in

Plan your Triggers

Let's be honest here, you will not have only one trigger for the impulsive behavior you have to Deal with triggers one at a time. Write them down, and try to de-escalate one at a time, don’t try to do four or five at once, you will be exhausted. Pick the most destructive first, then work through the list over time.

set a behavioral method to control your impulse. It may be something as simple as taking five deep breaths before speaking or counting to 10, anything that will slow you down and keep you at the moment where you can exercise the listening skills while mentally performing hearing the Facts and Emotions separately during the triggers.



The more self-aware you become about your triggers and how you manage your impulse control, the greater the chance to avoid unsuitable outbursts and poor decisions.  When you have a moment to look back at what you said or did, you have a better understanding of how you were triggered and how your actions destruct the situation. You may take appropriate steps to limit the damage.

Once you identify the right triggers for your abrasive responses/ reactions then you can start taking steps towards curbing your impulses and then improve your responses in order to have better self-control and eventually keep your from on your actual goals for which you had invested your energy and resources.

It is quite difficult to change another individual or situation, but you can manage how you choose to react or respond to a situation. You can take appropriate action to control impulse. As a result, you can choose to bigger person and achieve more cheerfulness, engagement, and success in your personal and professional life.

Here are some specific tools you can utilize to improve impulse control:

Stop and breathe before you react to a situation, respond to an individual or send an email.

Become aware of distractions that are preventing you from listening,

Remember that instant gratification is short-lived and is about “playing small.” You want to be a bigger person and maintain a healthy sense of humor.

Evaluate options – no response is sometimes the most powerful response in certain situations.

Try to keep facts and emotions separate when you listen and you respond. Listen to hear instead of listening to respond to someone.

Avoid overpromising and under delivering and practice “present moment” thinking.

Don’t feel the compulsion to respond to every email or text immediately. If you feel that just write it without sending leave your desk or mobile for 10 mins and come back and revisit the same email your perspective will change.


As famously said: Quality of life depends on the gap between stimulus & response.
Prepare well & take time to respond to stimulus so you have better control of the situation rather than regret after firing an arrow incorrectly or misdirecting an arrow

For some with impulsivity issues, there are far bigger problems at work. You might find yourself suddenly quitting your job over one rude email or agreement with a colleague, only to later regret it or even being fired if your impulsivity has you go against company protocol or upsetting treasured clients. In the long-term, this can mean you are either often unemployed or left in positions that are beneath your potential but involve less interaction with others and thus less of a chance your impulsivity will rear its head.

Your tone should vary depending upon the situation & response but it should always be in your control, never assume that everyone should have the same mindset or needs, your tone while responding should always accommodating rather being assertive, an accommodating tone invites lots of collaboration from the audience and should be used all the time.

You need to keep a check on your impulse control measures and improve on them if you think certain measures are no longer working you need to go imaginative, but the idea is to keep a check and improve on your impulsive behavior

we encourage you to continue your journey toward self-awareness and practicing better impulse control.  Take charge of your success in life and the workplace and build a positive leadership reputation. 

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